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Use Cases

Here's how it's done.



A Group of Restaurant owners could not find an affordable out of the box solution that solved the manual issues associated with the purchasing process and the integration of daily data into the back office. We joint ventured with them to develop a mobile device based restaurant procurement application, that eliminates manual processes associated with inventory the inventory procurement process. The application enables seamless inventory ordering and is linked to a restaurant’s food & beverage distributors and integrates all activity including daily POS into the back office. Performs product lookups, places orders, processes invoices and payments, and is integrated w/ QuickBooks. This brings technology previously only available to large restaurant chains (eg TGI Fridays and fast food chains), to local dining and regional restaurant groups.



Dissatisfied with offshore development’s slow delivery cycles and quality of work, LyncWork chose Hugo Posh to be the lead developer of an employee onboarding automation product. A complex workflow automates new employee processes - assigns role-based permissions to company documents, servers, etc.; account sign-up for shared company cloud services (eg Salesforce, Slack), and fully integrated with benefits and payroll, tax, healthcare information.